Frugal and creative ways to wrap up the holidays

Christmas: Wrapping Gifts

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10 Ways to Make Inexpensive Wrapping Paper Look Great!

Laura Foor

Use these tricks to make your gift stand out!

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

TDS readers get creative with their gift wrapping ansd share their best ideas.

Frugal Gift-Wrapping Secrets from Holiday Pros


Ever notice that it seems to cost nearly as much to wrap a holiday gift as it does to buy it? Here are some inexpensive and stylish ways to dress up your packages this holiday season.

Video: Save on Gift Wrapping


Between wrapping paper, tags, tape and ribbon, you could be spend a small fortune. Here are some tips on gift wrapping that will keep you from breaking the bank.

Creatively Wrap Gifts Without Paper

Melanie Farkas

When wrapping gifts, try to think out of the literal box... and paper. Here are a few great secrets on how to wrap gifts without ever cutting a snip of paper. Plus, if you happen to like trees, here's a way to save a few.

Wrapping Holiday Gift Cards

TDS Reader Solutions

Are you looking for looking for creative, exciting ways to wrap gift cards? Well, look no further than these ideas.

Fun, Inexpensive Gift Wrapping

Diane Boykas

Keep the kids busy, save some money on wrapping paper this year, and surprise your friends and family with creative and heartfelt gift wrapping with these great ideas.

Wrap Up Your Holiday For Free!

Stephanie Stambaugh

Are you determined to save your holiday funds for presents and special holiday outings? Then use this list of holiday wrapping ideas that won't let a penny of our holiday gift budget "roll" out the door.

Fabric Holiday Bags

Joyce Moseley Pierce

Does it bother you to buy wrapping paper only to see it thrown in the fireplace or trash after Christmas gifts are opened?

Stick to your holiday budget by saving every dollar that you can! Receive cash back on your purchases when you use one or more of these 14 favorite cash back shopping sites.

Packaging Homemade Goodies

Amanda Formaro

Reducing the Cost of Wrapping Gifts

Erin Huffstetler

Wrap It for Less!

Marybeth Henry


Jonni McCoy

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