Save money, time and stress by planning your holiday well ahead of Christmas day

Christmas: Planning

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9 Savvy Holiday Moves to Make This Fall


Want to save a little money on the holidays this year? Don't be afraid to brainstorm a few low-cost alternatives to some of your pricier holiday habits.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week One

Andrea Norris

By doing a little bit each week for the next five weeks, your holiday should be less frantic and more fantastic. From decorations to cooking to shopping, here are the things you should start doing this week to be ready by Christmas morning.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Two

Andrea Norris

Now is the time to begin food planning, shopping and preparation. Here is the complete list of tasks you might want to do this week.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Three

Andrea Norris

This week's focus should be on decorating, writing out and mailing holiday cards, and preparing for any parties, concerts or church services your family might be attending so you can make sure everyone has something suitable to wear.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Four

Andrea Norris

If you have not yet begun your Christmas preparations, you only have two short weeks to get ready. If you have been following our Christmas Countdown, here are those things you might want to get "wrapped up" this week.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Five

Andrea Norris

One week and counting until Christmas morning. This week should be about finishing up all those things that will allow you to actually enjoy Christmas Eve and day with the rest of your family and friends. So try to get as much done as you can by the 23rd.

A Dozen Holiday Hints

Shaunna Privratsky

Yes, the holidays bring extra stress. Before you throw in the towel, take a moment to cool down and read these tips. Here are a dozen holiday hints to do things easier and faster.

Getting Organized for the Holidays

Jacquie Ross

With proper planning, you can enjoy the holiday season instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Here are some organization tips to help you to have a less stressful holiday season!

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The Gift Box

Shaunna Privratsky

An Early Start on Christmas

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