Holiday shopping tips to help you save money, time and your sanity

Christmas: Shopping Tips

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Shop Back-to-School Sales for Fun, Frugal Christmas Gifts

April Serock

Start your holiday shopping on sale!

How I Pay for Christmas Using Rewards Points

Melanie Toye

See if this creative way to keep holiday shooping costs down will work for you!

How Stacking Can Stretch Your Christmas Budget

Paige Estigarribia

Looking to save money this Christmas? Why not try out a new strategy called stacking?

Tips to Avoid Holiday Impulse Buying


Impulse shopping can really hurt at this time of year. Here are some tips to manage holiday-season spending.

6 Ways to Give Yourself the Gift of a Debt Free Holiday


When the holidays are over and you're toasting the new year, don't be haunted by the ghosts of debts past. Here are 6 ways to make it happen.

6 Places Where You Can Buy Last-Minute Gifts


Suddenly realizing that you need a few presents right away? Here are six truly last-minute venues that can present some cool options for gifts.

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Holiday Gift Shopping


Money, shopping and credit experts share six of the common mistakes consumers make when they shop for the holidays with their best tips for avoiding them.

Best Christmas Layaway Strategies

TDS Reader Solutions

Did you put too many presents on your credit card last year? Just finish paying them off? Let this year be different. Layaways may help you to avoid having credit card bills in January.

Holiday Shopping

Shaunna Privratsky

Do you start to panic when December arrives? This year, you can change all that and become one of those envied, organized shoppers who can spot a bargain from across the parking lot and has everything mailed the first week of December.

5 Minute Guide to Finding the Best Price Online

Diana Ratliff

Finding the best price for gifts can drive you crazy at the best of times. Use these guidelines to keep your both your sanity and your budget intact this year.

Stick to your holiday budget by saving every dollar that you can! Receive cash back on your purchases when you use one or more of these 14 favorite cash back shopping sites.

The Twelve Months of Christmas

Rachel Muller

A More Frugal Christmas

Virginia Brucker

Yard Sale Christmas Shopping

Jennifer A. Krausz

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