Ways to have a simpler, more meaningful family Christmas

Christmas: Making Your Holiday Simple & Meaningful

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15 Ways Your Family Can Save Money This Holiday Season

Amber B.

If you try these tips, your family just might end the year with more money in the bank, a spirit of gratitude, and learn to enjoy the beauty of the season without spending any money.

4 Jolly Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spending Money


Whether you're temporarily out of cash or you've decided to put the brakes on spending, you can enjoy the holidays without draining your wallet.

Helping the Less Fortunate at Christmas

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers share the many wonderful ways they help others at the holidays.

Handmade Christmas

Rich Finzer

Many folks seem to have abandoned the practice of making handmade Christmas presents for friends and family. Here are a few ways you can get back into the homemade gift-giving spirit.

Holiday Happiness: Get It All, Pay Less


With a little creativity, you can have a warmer, closer gathering with family and friends without the credit card hangover that comes from holiday overspending. Here are some methods you can choose to use to save your holidays.

My Story: Recycled Christmas

contributed by Lorrie

If both frugal and green living are important to you, try having a "Recycled Christmas" this year.

Best Christmas Ever

Pamela Parks

Best Christmas ever! If you dream of hearing your kids yell these words this year, read on!

How to Unwrap Christmas Gifts

Sherry Nelson

It is time to teach children to appreciate all that they receive: ribbons, papers, boxes and gifts. This year, when you gather around the tree to receive your gifts, pretend it is 1950 and use the "unwrapping values" from those "old" days.

Instead of Gifts

TDS Reader Solutions

Is your family considering some new traditions as an alternative to gift giving? It's time to move beyond the hype and make the season more meaninful. Our readers share how to do just that.

Shoeboxes for Christmas

Nancy Twigg

The concept of giving shoeboxes for Christmas has other practical applications. Here are a few.

Create a More Meaningful, Less Expensive Christmas

Virginia Brucker

Put your time and energy into creating a Christmas that focuses on people rather than on gifts with these inexpensive ideas to help you create "more Christmas with less money."

Second Chance Christmas

Phyllis Ring

Does Christmas feel like it belongs to the mall and the advertisers more than anything else? Why not find a different approach and actually enjoy this beautiful season completely and for all the right reasons?

Apples, Oranges and Sticks of Hard Candy

Sandy Williams Driver

Making Christmas Meaningful

Virginia Brucker

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