Make some of these frugal traditions and activities part of your holiday celebration

Christmas: Traditions & Activities

The TDS Library

Inexpensive Old World Holiday Traditions

Lauren Romano

Rekindle the meaning and spirit of Christmas

10 Truly Free Christmas Activities

Shaunna Privratsky

The price is free, the value may be priceless!

Creating Frugal Holiday Traditions

Brianna Bell

Is it possible to have an enjoyable holiday season without the cost? It is if you put the emphasis on things of value instead of just things.

Holiday Treats Made Simple

Marie E. Cecchini

If you would like to save time, get together with friends, and have a variety of goodies available for the holidays, then a cookie swap party is for you.

Simple Family Holiday Ideas

Deborah Taylor-Hough

Since we're about to enter the midst of the holidays, here are simple ways to add joy and meaning to your holiday celebrations, family times, and Christmas reading materials.

Holiday Gifts and Memories

Reader Solutions

Our readers came together to share their favorite holiday memories and gifts.

Making Christmas Memories

TDS Reader Solutions

Several of our great readers got together to share their favorite Christmas memories. They're not about the money spent and endless to-do lists. These memories highlight all that's good about the season.

North Pole Postmarks

Rae Osenbaugh

What's Christmas without letters to and from Santa?

A Christmas Story

Gary Foreman

There are those who will tell you that a dream is the subconscious trying to get out. Then again, there are those who say you shouldn't spicy food before bed! What I do know was that it seemed so real that I wouldn't be surprised to find a snapshot show up in a photo album some day.

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