Tips for getting your house cleaner in less time

Cleaning: Time Management

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The 30-Minute Clean

Ruth O'Neil

Want a clean house in less time? Begin the "30-minute clean." Your house will be clean if this process is put into practice on a regular basis.

Hiring a Housecleaning Service

contributed by Annie

You have decided to go with a house cleaning service. Before you call a company at random, you need to know what questions to ask, what to watch for, and what steps to take to keep from having your safety and hard-earned money go out the window.

Finish Your House Cleaning in Half the Time

Heather Hemingway Harvey

Next time you're wiping off the table or sweeping the floor, take note of how quickly (or slowly) you get the job done. Now, imagine how fast you'd do it if your mother-in-law was on her way.

Getting Life under Control

contributed by Barbara

Does your life seem to be out of control? Take the first step to improve the quality of your life with a little pre-planning. Here are tips that will enhance your life 100%.

10-Minute Tasks

Nancy Twigg

Many people use the excuse that they are too busy to make any extra effort to live frugally. But even those of us who are the busiest can find an extra ten minutes if we look hard enough for it. Here are five quickie tasks you can do anytime that will help your family save money.

Help! My House Is a Disaster!

TDS Reader Solutions

What can you do when your house has been declared a disaster area? TDS readers share their tips and tricks for a clean and organized house.

The Half-Hour Solution

contributed by Judith

A great time saving tip is to use half-hour segments in planning schedules. Divide up all your waking hours into half-hour segments. It is amazing to see how many half-hour segments there are in just one day, and if you do something different in each half-hour segment, you'll get a lot of things done.

10 Minute Tidy

Deborah Taylor-Hough

One of the most helpful and simplest things you can do to maintain your home is something that's dubbed the "Ten Minute Tidy" where everyone runs around the house picking up clutter and putting it away as fast as they can for ten minutes.

Homemaking for New Moms

TDS Readers' Solutions

If they've not been taught while growing up, how do young people learn to keep a home clean, happy, and organized? What resources are available? Our readers share their tips and tricks.

10 Minute Clean-Up Tricks

Maria Gracia

Is it possible to get organized in just 10 minutes? Here are a few simple ideas.

Is Household Help a Luxury?

Kathy Fitzgerald Sherman

Conventional wisdom tells us household help is a luxury for the wealthy. But one of the most effective time-management techniques is actually a money-management technique: Pay someone else to do the tasks you don't want to do, so you're free to do what really matters and what you do well.

The Challenge of Home Management

Janet Russell

More Efficient Dusting

TDS Readers' Solutions

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