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Guidelines, Tips and Tools for Controlling Spending

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How to Avoid Payday Spending Splurges

Kay Abdelrahman

Understand the psychology behind your urges.

The Subtle Psychology of Credit Cards

Joel Fink

Understanding the emotions of your purchases.

3 Ways Cognitive Bias Causes You to Spend Money

Subrata Dhar

Psychological manipulation by marketers and how to protect yourself!

Why I Don't Buy Off Infomercials

Rich Finzer

The tactic used in these TV ads is to entice impulse buying on the part of consumers.

Could Social Media Be Causing You to Overspend?

Shaunna Privratsky

Is Facebook ruining your finances?

Understanding Discretionary Spending

Rick Kahler

If spending makes you happy, shouldn't you spend more?

8 Ways to Beat Retail Therapy

Joanne Guidoccio

Did you know that over half of Americans shop to improve their mood?

The Emotions Behind Buying Stuff

Heather Gilmore

How does shopping make you feel?

Video: How Your Neighbors Can Influence Your Buying Habits

Gary Foreman

Could your neighbor's luxury car cause you to spend more money?

A Basic Spending Plan

contributed by Kim

Tips for controlling your spending when money is tight.

10 Ways to Prevent Non-Essential Spending

Barbara Weddle

Use these tips to avoid spending on non-essential items.

The One Month Budget Squeeze

Joanne Guidoccio

This family intentionally squeezes their budget one month a year.

10 Questions to Ask Before Splurging

Julie Bawden-Davis

Is it really ok to splurge just this once?

Controlling Overspending

Chantal King

How to get your spending under control.

Payment Methods and Product Perceptions


How using credit or cash effects what you buy.

Are there areas of your financial life over which you wish you had more control?
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7 Stingy Steps to Curb Impulse Buying


Don't be a sucker for glitzy store deals. Follow these tips to wean yourself from buying on a whim.

Mind Over Money

Rick Kahler

Could your mind be dictating what you spend?

You Need What?

Hannah Augustine

What you really need is a fresh look at your lifestyle!

Beware the Seduction of a "Free Lunch"

Helen Young

Don't let the perception of getting a deal override economic reality.

Are you one of the many people heading for debt trouble without knowing it? This simple checklist can help you find out and tell you how to avoid it.

10 Reasons to Use a Cash-Only Spending Plan

April Borbon

While using cash only (no credit or debit cards) may seem drastic, here are ten good reasons to make this change.

Curbing the Spendthrift Appetite

Rachel Muller

Nip spending-for-the-sake-of-spending urges in the bud

Too Much of a Good Thing

Kimberly Danger

Is bargain hunting blowing your budget?

6 Resolutions for Bargain Hunters

Diane Schmidt

Resolutions that every bargain hunter should know.

Just Say 'No'

Gary Foreman

See how just saying 'no' can prevent a financial overdose.

10 Ways to Prevent Impulse Buying

Kristina Nelson

It taskes discipline but it can be done!

Who's in Control of Your Spending?

Eric Tyson

Stop making these consumer debt mistakes and get your finances under control.

Shopping Temptations

Tamara Wilhite

7 ways to reduce the amount of time and money spent shopping.

My Spiral Bound Conscience

Joey Shanley

Control your money instead of it controlling you .

Deal Delirious

Diane R. Schmidt

Know when to quit stocking up and start saving.

Living Without Plastic

Chantelle Hosner

Use this simple trick to get control of your spending and credit card debt.

Help for the Unstoppable Shopper

TDS Reader Solutions

Know how to separate the impulse buys from the real deals.

Reasons People Over-Spend

Debra Vaughn

Wouldn't you like to know why you spend too much?

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