Understand how to do it the right way and how it will impact your credit score

What You Should Know before Canceling a Credit Card

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How to Close a Credit Card Account

Bill Hardekopf

There's a right and wrong way to break up with your credit card company.

Should You Break Up With Your Credit Card?

Bill Hardekopf

Here's what you need to know about canceling a credit card.

Close Credit Card Accounts to Get a Mortgage?

Gary Foreman

Your mortgage company wants you to close accounts. Should you?

10 Reasons to Cancel ALL of Your Credit Cards

April Borbon

Consider these reasons to avoid the siren song of the credit card industry.

Is Closing a Credit Card a Good or Bad Move?


Canceling a credit card can impact your credit score in these four ways.

Will Closing Old Cards Hurt My Credit Score?


Wanting to clean out your wallet can be a good call, but there are downsides.

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Canceling a Credit Card

Gary Foreman

There's more to it than cutting up the card.

Canceling Credit

Gary Foreman

Can you reduce your available credit and still look good to the credit reporting companies?

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