Tips for managing your credit cards wisely

Credit Card Smarts

The TDS Library

Proper Credit Card Use for Baby Boomers

Gary Foreman

Should 'what's in your wallet' be changing?

The Subtle Psychology of Credit Cards

Joel Fink

Understanding the emotions of your purchases.

Avoid Cash Advances on Your Credit Card

Bill Hardekopf

See why this is an expensive way to borrow money.

5 Credit Card Perks that Might Help You Out in a Pinch


You may find these benefits in your credit card's fine print.

5 Credit Card Mistakes You Don't Want to Make


You can dig a deep financial hole by telling yourself these screw-ups aren't so bad.

5 Gotchas Lurking in Your Credit Cards' Fine Print


These clauses we found buried in credit card agreements can cost you.

Compare Credit Cards

Why You Should Pay Your Credit Card Bill Every Week Instead of Once a Month


Will frequent credit card payments help control spending and boost your credit score?

Should I Keep My Credit Cards at a Zero Balance?


Keeping cards paid off is one strategy for a good credit score. But there are better ways.

Use these guidelines to choose the best plan to pay off your credit card balances.

5 Signs Your Credit Card is Controlling You


Are you using your card as a status symbol? It's just one way your credit card owns you.

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