Keeping your credit card information safe from fraudsters and identity thieves

Credit Card Safety and Protection

The TDS Library

Why You Should Pay Your Credit Card Bills Online

Howard Dvorkin

Is it dangerous to still be writing checks to pay your credti card bills?

5 Steps for Protecting Your Credit Card Information

Jim Sloan

Don't wait to become a victim.

The Importance of Credit Card Receipts

Bill Hardekopf

Here's what you should do with those little slips of paper.

3 Ways Your Credit Card Protects Purchases For Free

Michael Dolen

Enjoy valuable built-in protections on the purchases you make.

How Do I Prove Credit Card Charges Aren't Mine?


If someone steals your wallet and uses your plastic, you aren't necessarily on the hook.

Handling Credit Card Disputes

Bill Hardekopf

Know how to resolve credit card complaints.

5 Ways Thieves Steal Your Credit Card Data


See how fraudsters can hijack your credit card without pilfering your plastic.

Protecting Your Credit and Debit Cards

Gary Foreman

Know these guidelines for safeguarding your plastic.

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Skimmers


Here's how to stop thieves from taking your card number, or reduce damage if they do.

6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Credit Card from a Data Breach


Fortify your wallet against intrusion with these credit card data-breach defenses.

6 Habits that Boost Your Odds of Credit Card Fraud


Failing to protect your PIN is just one way you're making a card thief's job easier.

4 Ways Credit Card Alerts Can Save You Money


Notifications can protect your credit and keep you out of trouble. Here's how.

Credit Card Protection

Gary Foreman

Protect yourself against identity theft.

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