Tips for choosing credit cards with the best combination of perks and fees for you

Selecting the Right Credit Cards for Your Needs

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Quiz: Find the Best Credit Card for You


Take this quiz to find a new credit card that will fit all your financial needs.

5 Things You Should Know about No-Interest Credit Cards


A zero-interest credit card could wind up costing you. Don't forget fees and other factors.

Read This before Switching Credit Cards


Avoid nasty surprises when changing credit cards. Here are 5 things to watch for.

5 Tips if You're Tempted by a 0% Credit Card


Before clicking or checking "I accept" to get your new zero percent credit card, consider these five tips to make sure your decision is the right one.

Is an Annual-Fee Credit Card Right for You?


Annual-fee credit cards are popular at major issuers. Here's how to figure out if one is right for you.

What Seniors Should Look for in a Credit Card


What do retirees look for in a new credit card? Oh, just a little bit of everything.

Compare Credit Cards

Why Store Credit Cards Are Bad for You

Bill Hardekopf

Do you know why you shouldn't apply for a store credit card?

Finding the Best Credit Card

Gary Foreman

Consider these things when choosing a credit card.

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