Tips to help you effectively budget your debt payments so you can pay more than the minimum

Budgeting for Debt Repayments

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Best Budgeting Software and Apps for Paying Off Debt

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Staying on budget can be critical to actually getting out of debt. These apps and software can help you do just that.

Budgeting Debt Repayment

Gary Foreman

How much of your salary should be allocated to credit card debt if you made the mistake of racking it up?


Bill Hardekopf

Paying down credit card debt is similar to losing weight. Both challenges may have the same solution: smaller portions more often. For credit card debt, this means making "micropayments."

Debt Book

Should I Stop Saving for Retirement in Order to Pay Down My Debt?

Gary Foreman

Everyone's situation is different. How old are you? How much debt are you carrying? Comparing options such as paying debt vs. saving for retirement can be tricky. These guidelines will help you make the best decision for your sitution when it comes to paying down your debt as you try to plan for your retirement, regardless of how far off that might be.

Smallest Bill? Or Highest Rate?

Gary Foreman

Just where should you begin when you start tackling that debt? The smartest choice for your finances might not be the best choice for your will power to stick with your debt repayment plan. See how to pick the option best for you to give yourself the best chance of being successul on your journey to financial freedom.

Getting Out of Debt

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How to devise and execute a workable plan for paying off debt.

In the Red?

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How to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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