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Using Your 401k to Pay Off Debts

Gary Foreman

Fully understand both the pros and the cons before you take out a 401k loan to consolidate your debt.

Should I Take Out a Personal Loan to Pay My Credit Card Bill?


A personal loan can help consolidate credit card debt, but watch for these pitfalls.

Debt Book

Getting a Personal Loan: A Review of Payoff

contributed by Dollar Stretcher reader Angela

A first hand-account of a reader who consolidated her credit card debt with a personal loan.

Pros and Cons of a Credit Card Balance Transfer


Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might not be the best idea.

Pay Off All My Debt with My Retirement Money?


It seldom makes sense to tap retirement accounts to pay off loans. Here's why.

Compare HELOC rates.

Get Debt Down with Balance Transfer?


A balance transfer can help with high interest, but you'll need to chip away at the debt, too.

Why You Might Not Want to Use a Personal Loan for Credit Card Debt


Too much credit card debt won't be solved with a personal loan. A budget may be what you need.

Can a Debt Consolidation Loan Solve My Debt Problem?

TDS Readers Solutions/p>

Tips for successfully paying down debt with a debt consolidation loan.

Would you like to
pay off your credit cards
in less time
for less money?
Compare personal loan rates now.

Can I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan with Bad Credit?


If you plan to get a personal loan to rid yourself of bills, take these steps to do it.

Using a Personal Loan to Consolidate Debts

Gary Foreman

Is a personal loan your best option for getting out of debt?

Use Home Equity Line to Pay Debt aand Other Bills?


Is this mortgage strategy a smart way to reduce debt payoff time?

Avoid 401(k) Loan to Pay Credit Card Debt?


Don't raid your 401(k) to pay off credit card debt. See why a home equity loan might be a better option.

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