How to find the best credit card payoff strategy for you

Strategies for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

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A Plan for Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt

TDS Get Out of Debt Course: Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can be crippling. So getting to a zero balance is important. We can help you do that.


Bill Hardekopf

Paying down credit card debt is similar to losing weight. Both challenges may have the same solution: smaller portions more often. For credit card debt, this means making "micropayments."

Struggling Under Medical and Credit Card Debt

Steve Rhode

What are the best options?

Would you like to
pay off your credit cards
in less time
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6 Smart Strategies for Paying Off Your Credit Cards


Any of these techniques can work -- you just have to make a choice and stick with it.

Budgeting Debt Repayment

Gary Foreman

How much debt repayment can I fit into my budget? These steps will help you determine the right amount that will start you on the path to actually reducing your credit card balance.

Should I Take Out a Personal Loan to Pay My Credit Card Bill?


A personal loan can help consolidate credit card debt, but watch for these pitfalls.

Debt Book

6 Risky Ways to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt


Reducing large credit card balances is a tall order. These strategies could make things worse.

6 Ways to Ditch Credit Card Debt


Want to eliminate your credit card balances? Pick the debt reduction strategy that's right for you.

A Snowball's Chance to Get Out of Debt?


Don't agonize over which debt to pay first -- just get moving.

Why You Might Not Want to Use a Personal Loan for Credit Card Debt


Too much credit card debt won't be solved with a personal loan. A budget may be what you need.

Have you decided not to do anything about your debts? Here's what the future has in store for you.

Consumer Tips for Dealing with Debt

Bill Hardekopf

Debt is a major issue in our country, and it is time for consumers to take action and do what they can to help themselves. It is easy to say that there is a debt problem without actually acknowledging that you have one yourself. Here are nine signs that you have a debt problem and 9 tips to start tackling that credit card debt.

Credit Card Payment Pinch

Bill Hardekopf

Here's a secret. The credit card companies don't want you to pay off your balance. Is there a way out of the trap?

Interest Rates Have Dropped. Now What?

Gary Foreman

Use these steps to take advantage of lower interest rates to pay down your credit cards and other loans.

Credit Card Payback Struggles

Gary Foreman

What can you do when the monthly interest charges on your credit cards becomes more than any minimum payment you can afford?

If your spending has put you in debt, the TDS ebook How to Conquer Your Debt No Matter How Much You Have can help you get out. We'll help you create a personalized debt pay off plan tailored to your debt, budget and lifestyle.

Crushing Credit Card Debts

Bill Hardekopf

Escaping Credit Card Debt

Gary Foreman

Credit Card Payoff Strategy

Gary Foreman

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