Guidelines to help you find the best way to start paying down your debt

How Do I Start Paying Off My Debt?

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When Is the Best Time to Start Payng Off Your Debt?

Shaunna Privratsky

Although we don't like the answer to this question, we all know it. 'Right now" is the best time to begin getting out of debt. Here are some guidelines for determining how much debt you really have, how to tackle it one debt at a time, and how to avoid the pitfalls that get many of us into debt in the first place so you hopfeully won't end up back here someday.

9 Signs You Have a Debt Problem and 9 Steps for Getting Out of It

Bill Hardekof

The first step to overcoming any problem is admiting that you have one. See if any of these signs apply to you.

Debt Book

7 Strategies on How to Get Out of Debt Once and For All


If you're tired of being hounded by creditors, here's a plan to help you break free.

6 Klutzy Steps to Debt Mismanagement


If you are visiting this page on our site, you must have some debt you hope to pay off. But if you'd like to stay in debt for the rest of your days, be sure to make these 6 mistakes that can help ensure you will never dig yourself out of that debt hole.

3 Steps to Attacking Your Debt


While it is great to have a desire to get out of debt, it is even better to put some action behind your plan. You had to study to obtain your college degree, and you exercised to lose a few pounds -- now, it will take a dedicated plan and discipline to attack your debt.

Smallest Bill? Or Highest Rate?

Gary Foreman

Just where should you begin when you start tackling that debt? The smartest choice for your finances might not be the best choice for your will power to stick with your debt repayment plan. See how to pick the option best for you to give yourself the best chance of being successul on your journey to financial freedom.

Get Out of Debt in 3 Steps

Steve Rhode

Believe it or not, getting out of debt can be broken down into three major steps. Three steps doesn't sound too bad, does it? Now you will need to do some work to accomplish these steps, but if you make a point of thoroughly thinking through and acting on each one, you will find your journey to financial freedom that much easier.

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