Ways to cure medical debt

Dealing with Medical Debt

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6 Ways to Get Help Paying Your Medical Bills

Andrea Atkins, Grandparents.com

Don't get overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills. Try these smart strategies to lower your balance.

Struggling Under Medical and Credit Card Debt

Steve Rhode

What are the best options?

Video: Minimizing Damage from an Overdue Medical Bill

Gary Foreman

Steps you can take to make sure a large medical bill does not damage your credit.

Is My Husband Liable for His Ex's Hospital Bill?

Steve Rhode

You might be surprised at the answer.

Debt Book

Can a Hospital Send You to Collections If You Keep Making Payments?

Steve Rhode

Many believe if you keep making whatever payments you can, that you will keep you out of default. This simply is not true. Here is how to handle your unaffordable medical bill.

How to Cure Medical Debt with a Personal Loan


If doctor and hospital bills make you sick, you can rev up repayment with a personal loan.

How to Haggle a Medical Bill

Bankrate Video

Are you reluctant to negotiate a medical bill? Here are some tips to help you slash those costs.

Is There a Cure for My Whopping Medical Bill?


A person with no insurance has options for a sickening amount of hospital debt.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

How to Pay Huge Medical Bills on a Small Income


The government, as well as your providers, might be able to help with your exorbitant medical bills.

Sick of Medical Debt? 9 Ways to Break Free


Negotiate, borrow and find aid so doctor bills won't threaten your financial health.

5 Ways to Reduce Medical Bills


Shocked by a medical bill? Don't panic -- here's how to get the most from health insurance.

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Prevent Medical Bills from Bruising Credit


You can protect your credit score from medical bills by taking these steps.

My Story: Medical Bills

contributed by Amber

A little time and perserverance can pay big dividends.

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