Finding the will to keep digging your way out of debt

Ways to Stay Motivated to Pay Down Your Debt

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How a Family With Children Is Getting Out of Debt

Jamie Jeffers

Think a family with kids can't get out of debt? Think again!

Staying Motivated to Continue Digging Yourself Out of Debt

TDS Reader Solutions

You're tired of the fight. Is there any hope?< Our readers share tips for what kept them on their path to financial freedom.

Debt Book

The Debt Spiral

Gary Foreman

So you're ready to give up on working your way out of debt. Before you do, take a look at what your future could look like if you give in to your mounting debt.

Sticking With a Frugal Lifestyle

Gary Foreman

Use these tips to continue to live frugally month after month.

Affordable Personal Treats

Joanne Guidoccio

Affordable treats to counteract the stress of tough times.

Frugal Fatigue

TDS Reader Solutions

Things you can do when you're tired of trying to save money.

Peppy Ways to Fight Budget Burnout


Tired of eating ramen and peanut butter? These tips can help you get your frugal groove back.

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Little Luxuries

TDS Reader Solutions

Small things that make you feel special in tough times.

Financial Encouragement

TDS Reader Solutions

Motivation for when you are ready to throw in the financial towel.

My Story: A Debt Reduction Plan

by LF

See how one couple is making the journey to become debt free.

How We Got Out of Debt

Patti Hutterli

Tips from a family who successfully worked their way out of debt.

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