Tips and guidelines for working with debtors to negotiate and settle debt payoff

Debt Settlement & Negotiation

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Debt Settlement

Michael Bovee

Rule changes adopted by the FTC that protect consumers who work with debt settlement firms.

Debt Negotiation Practices Exposed

Damon Carr

Facts you need to know.

Debt Book

The True Cost of Debt Settlement


When a collection agency offers to settle a debt for less, be aware of the other costs.

Are Debt Settlement Companies Legitimate?


Companies that negotiate your debts for pennies on the dollar may seem great, but be careful.

Am I a good candidate for credit counseling?

4 Ways to Settle Hefty Debt


Battling outsized debt? If you try debt settlement, proceed cautiously with one of these options.

5 Debt Settlement Do's and Don'ts


Debt settlement is an option for the deeply indebted. If you go that route, these tips can help.

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Debts that Debt Settlement Can't Solve


Debt settlement is one answer to heavy debt load, but it can't resolve all accounts in arrears.

Debt Management vs. Settlement


There are pros and cons to a firm managing or settling debt; here are some tips to help you choose.

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