Guidelines for managing your student loan debt

Getting Control of Student Loan Debt

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How Long Will It Take to Pay Off My Student Loan?


Plug in various factors to find out how long it will take to pay off your student loan.

Pay Off Student Loan Debt

Harrine Freeman

7 tools to repay those student loans.

Debt Book

The 5 Fastest Ways to Repay Your College Loans


Start budgeting and saving to repay those college student loans so you won't be in debt for years.

Should I Get Professional Help for My Student Loan Debts?

Gary Foreman

Recommended professionals who can help you through the steps to reduce the pain of repaying your student loans.

Repaying Student Loans

Gary Foreman

Your options for when you're having difficulty repaying your student loans.

An Offbeat Way to Pay Your Student Loan Debt


Some debit and credit card rewards help you pay your loan faster. See what you can save.

Drowning in Student Debt?

Anna Ivey

6 tips for college students and recent grads.

12 Companies That Help Pay Workers' Student Loans


These employers offer an attractive perk for workers struggling with school debt

3 Ways to Tame Your Student Loan Debt and Buy a Home


Overcome school debt in straightforward (or sly) ways and own a home.

What's the Best Way to Pay Student Loans?


Want to get rid of your student loans? These tips will make them go away ahead of schedule.

Find out if you can benefit from student loan debt help.

How Best to Handle Huge Student Loan Debt


A college degree can leave you in debt for years. Here's how to handle those mammoth loans.

Pay Off Student Loan, or Fund Emergency Account?


When deciding to pay down your student loan or pad an emergency fund, think about risk.

How to Obliterate Your Student Loan Debt


Three couples explain their strategies on how they worked to pay down their student loan debt.

What's the Fastest Way to Pay College Debt?


Those student loan bills come soon after your diploma. Here's a quick way to tackle them.

Can You Drop Your Mom from a Student Loan?


After two to three years, Mom can exit your college loan and not hurt your credit score.

Student Loan Strategy: Start with a Plan


Develop a strategy so that your financial life goes according to plan.

Student Loans

TDS Reader Solutions

Suggestions from our frugal readers for paying off your student loans early.

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