Guidelines and advice to to help you deal with a debt in collection

Dealing with Debts in Collection

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6 Steps to Take If Your Debt Goes Into Collections

Leslie Tayne of

Charge-Offs, Bankruptcies & Collection Agencies

Gary Foreman

Yes, a Debt Can Go To Collections Despite Monthly Payments

Sarah Szczypinski

Dealing With Debt Collectors

courtesy of NAPSA

Your Debt Collection Rights

Gerri Detweiler

3 Common Collection Agency Questions, Answered


5 Steps to Take If a Debt Collector Calls

Sergei Lemberg

My Story: Make the Call to Those Collectors

contributed by Jan R.

Debt Collection

Gary Foreman

Credit Collection Crisis

Gary Foreman

8 Tips to Show If Debt Collector is Legit


You get a call about a bad debt. Is it true, a scam or mistaken identity? Here's how to find out.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

How Credit Card Issuers Collect


Don't be scared by credit card debt collectors. Here's what they can, and can't, do to you.

Don't Fall for Phony Debt Collector


If you've paid a bill and are contacted by a debt collector, investigate before you pay.

When Will Collectors Stop Pursuing Old Debts?


Take the Guesswork Out of Debt Collection


Am I a good candidate for credit counseling?

I Paid My Debt. Why Haven't Collections Stopped?


Can Collectors Keep Adding to Debt I'm Fighting?


How Debt Collectors Get Your Money


Have you decided not to do anything about your debts? Here's what the future has in store for you.

Handling Debt Collectors While You're Out of Work


4 Options to Keep Debt from Going to Collection


Should You Pay Debt in Collection?


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3 Tips for when Collectors Come Calling


When You Cannot Afford the Monthly Payment to a Debt Collector


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