Steps you can take when you or your spouse commit financial infidelity

Overcoming Financial Infidelity

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Hiding Credit Card Debts from Hubby

Gary Foreman

It's hard enough to dig out from credit card debt, but doing it without your spouse noticing must be especially difficult. Here are your options assuming your goal is to handle the debt and protect your marriage.

Are You Financially Unfaithful?

Alex J. Coyne

Is your partner cheating financially, or are you the guilty one? Here's how to spot and overcome financial infidelity.

Secret Credit Card Debt

Bill Hardekopf

What do you do when your mate doesn't know about your debt?

Financial Infidelity: Are You a Cheater?


Is your partner secretly piling up debt? Look for signs of financial funny business.

Telling the Wife about Secret Credit Card Debt


That hidden account of yours has snowballed into a $20,000 problem. What happens now?

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

Hubby Unmasks Wife's Secret Credit Affair


A dishonest spouse can ruin your credit. But you have options.

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