Debt problems that can ruin your retirement

Handling Debt Problems when Retired or Nearly Retired

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Could Student Loan Debt Derail Your Retirement?

Christine D. Arkovich

How to avoid default and reduce student loan payments.

Headed for Retirement with $345k in Student Loans

Steve Rhode

Is there a strategy that will protect his Social Security?

Should We Run Away or Deal With Our Debt?

Steve Rhode

The pressure is building and you'd like to find some quick relief in what feels like an impossible situation. Here's how to set yourself up for a better future.

Should an 82 Year Old Repay His Debts?

Steve Rhode

Or can he get by just ignoring them?

Could Debts Ruin Your Retirement?

Gary Foreman

With most retirees living on limited income, debts could easily crowd out trips to see the grandkids, golf, or even your grocery budget. Here is some advice that can help prevent debt derailing your retirement.

Do My Debts Pass on to My Kids after Death?


Whether your debt will haunt your children depends on their liability for the accounts today.

Can a Creditor Take Away My Social Security?


If you're forced to retire and have debt, your Social Security may be safe. But it depends.

One of the most important ingredients for a comfortable retirement is to be debt free when you retire. Will debt derail your retirement? This simple checklist can help you find out.

3 Ways to Shed Credit Card Debt in Old Age


There are few options for lowering credit card debt on a fixed income but these might help.

Can a Debt Collector Take Your Social Security?


Unpaid debts can hurt your credit and future wages. Can they take your Social Security, too?

Are You Amassing More Debt than Retirement Funds?


More people are heading into retirement with more debt than they ever had. Reverse the trend.

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Never Too Old for Credit Counseling


For people in debt for decades, credit counseling could show them how to climb out.

Too Old to Manage Your Debt and Good Credit?


At 76, you might want to default on your debt, but there are reasons to keep your good credit.

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