Guidelines to help you decide what you need to do about old debts

How to Handle Old Debts

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6 Ways Not to Reset the Clock on Old Debt


Delinquent debt has a shelf life, but certain mistakes can keep it fresh.

3 Things to Know about Debt and the Statute of Limitations


What does the statute of limitation mean for debt? Find out how this law protects you.

Explaining the Statute of Limitations on Debt


A bad debt can stay on your credit report for years, but knowing when it will fall off is key.

Debt Dropped from Credit Report Still Owed?


You may still be liable for a bad debt even after it drops from your credit report.

7 Rules for Waging War Against 'Zombie Debt'


Don't be haunted by an old financial obligation. Use these weapons to fight debt that won't die.

If Debt Statute of Limitations is Up, Can We Be Sued?


You'll have to go to court, but the statute of limitations determines if you must pay the debt.

What To Do When a Settled Debt Resurfaces


You thought that debt was settled long ago. Wrong. The collectors are back. What to do?

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State Statutes of Limitations for Old Debts


A look at the statutes of limitation on collecting debts in all 50 states.

Can My Wages Be Garnished for Old Judgment?


This case could haunt you for decades. It's time to face your old debt and deal with it.

When Will Collectors Stop Pursuing Old Debts?


Debt collectors will keep calling even after the bank gives up. Here's what to expect.

Can Wages be Garnished for Old Debt?


Old debt never dies, but there is an expiration on a creditor's ability to garnish wages.

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