What are your options and how can you find help?

When You Can't Pay Your Student Loans

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I Didn't Realize My Student Loan Payments Would Be So Expensive

Steve Rhode

There may be no easy solutions available but you do have options.

Could Student Loan Debt Derail Your Retirement?

Christine D. Arkovich

How to avoid default and reduce student loan payments.

Can Bankruptcy Wipe Out Student Debt?

Steve Rhode

The Department of Education is supposed to get more reasonable about approving federal student loans for discharge in bankruptcy. Until then, these are your options.

I Stopped Going to College But They Want Me To Keep Paying My Student Loan

Steve Rhode

What are your options?

Debt Book

The Easiest Way to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment

Steve Rhode

If you find yourself with an Administrative Wage Garnishment, here are your best ways out.

Should I Get Professional Help for My Student Loan Debts?

Gary Foreman

Recommended professionals who can help you through the steps to reduce the pain of repaying your student loans.

Where You Can Find Help for Student Loan Payment Woes


If you're struggling to pay student loans, you have options to get back on track.

Video: Trouble Repaying Student Loans

Gary Foreman

Interview of Christopher T. Lawson, director of planning at Financial Evolution Group that helps college grads and mid-career professionals drowning in student loan debt.

7 Steps for Millennials Buried in Student Debt


That debt won't magically go away. So, follow this advice to pay off your loans.

Find out if you can benefit from student loan debt help.

How Best to Handle Huge Student Loan Debt


A college degree can leave you in debt for years. Here's how to handle those mammoth loans.

30 Year Old Student Loan

Steve Rhode

When a collection agency is demanding more than you originally borrowed...

Deep in Student Loan Debt? 2 Ways to Delay the Pain


If you're stressed over student loans, take a break from paying with one of these tactics.

When Your Mom Gets Stuck with Your Student Loan


For parents stuck paying kids' student loans, here are ways to shed that debt.

How Can I Get My Student Loan Penalty Forgiven?

Steve Rhode

Your options when you penalties make your loan unaffordable.

How Can I Lower My Student Loan Payment?


That college debt isn't going away, no matter how hard you try. What should you do now?

When You Default on a Loan Co-Signed by a Family Member


Worried about being sued by a co-signer because you defaulted on a student loan?

How to Deal with Student Loan Debt Default


Student loans can be consolidated for easier pay off. But what if that's not enough?

In Too Deep? Avoid Defaulting on Student Loans


Has your student loan gotten out of control? Before you default, try these tactics.

Troublesome Student Loans

TDS Reader Contributors

You've defaulted on your student loans. Now what?

Stumbling Over Student Loans

Gary Foreman

Is bankruptcy the answer to a student loan debt problem on top of credit card debt?

Trouble Repaying Student Loans

TDS Reader Contributors

Use these consolidation options if you are having difficulty making payments.

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