Tips for finding low cost dental care and dental insurance

Dentistry: Saving on Dental Care

The TDS Library

Natural Homemade Toothpaste and Mouthwash Recipes

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers offer some recipes that are cheaper and better than store bought brands.

Good Dental Hygiene Is $$ in Your Pocket

Cynthia Bower

Make an "investment" in your teeth.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay for Braces?


The price might make you grit your teeth, but how expensive are braces really?

How to Avoid Dental Scams

Lee Doppelt

You wonder if there is a more affordable way to receive routine dental work. Then a glossy post card arrives in the mail from a place that you have seen advertised on television. For only $19, new patients who have no dental insurance can receive a dental exam and x-rays. Should you take advantage of this fabulous dental offer?

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?


Root canals are expensive dental procedures that pay off in the long run.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost and How Can You Pay for It?


Cut Down Your Dentist's Bill

Dr. Mujtaba Ali

People hate going to the dentist. The cost of dental work is one of the important reasons for that. Dental treatment is expensive, especially in western countries. But if you neglect your dental problems, you could end up paying an even larger amount of money for dental work.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

TDS Readers' Solutions

How good are those teeth whitening kits? TDS readers share their best and worse experiences.

5 Dental Scams that Can Put the Bite on You


Going to the dentist involves a certain amount of trust. While most dentists are ethical, it's a good idea to remember that the degree on the wall isn't a guarantee of honesty. Dental scams sink their teeth into unsuspecting patients every year. Here are five examples of dental scams.

Insider Reports: A Tightwad Visits the Dental Office

contributed by Jane

As a registered dental hygienist, patient advocate and lifelong tightwad, I have some practical tips to help you reduce dental costs without cutting on quality.

5 Keys Factors of Dental Savings Plan in Retirement


Dental savings plans, which offer discounts on dental services, provide one way to reduce dental care costs in retirement. Here, experts lay out what these plans consist of, how they compare to dental insurance and what to consider before opting for one.

Dental Plans

TDS Readers' Solutions

On the internet, there are several companies that have dental plans. They are not offering dental insurance, but through these plans, you receive discounted prices from the dentists that are in the plan. Are these plans worth purchasing? Or, is it possible to get discounted rates from a dentist even if you are not in a plan?

Home Teeth Whitening

TDS Readers' Solutions

TDS readers share their experiences with home whitening products.

Less Expensive Braces

TDS Readers' Solutions

TDS readers share their experiences on how to find less expensive braces.

Money Down the Drain

Dr. Eric Spieler

Just about everyone wastes money when it comes to purchasing and using toothpaste. A dentist gives the inside scoop on how much we really need to spend on our oral hygiene in order to take the best possible care of our teeth and gums.

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