Tips for saving money on eye exams, eye glasses and contact lenses

Eye Care Savings

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Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Rich Finzer

Eyeglasses can be expensive to acquire, and depending upon the individual, they may require annual changes to the lens prescription. But a crafty shopper can still save money when purchasing spectacles with these tips.

Recipes for Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner

TDS Reader Solutions

You don't need to buy expensive store bought brands. Make your own cleaner with these suggestions from our readers.

LASIK is Pricey, but There are Ways to Afford It


Insurance companies often won't cover LASIK. Here are ways to finance this eye surgery.

Buying Glasses Online

TDS Reader Solutions

Often it is cheaper to buy eye glasses online, but you lose the ability to try on frames to determine the best style, size and comfort for you. TDS readers share their experiences with online eye glass purchases and weigh in on whether the online savings is worth losing the perks of buying your eye glass frames from your eye doctor.

Tips for Buying Eyeglasses

TDS Reader Solutions

The first time you need to purchase a pair of eye glasses, the choices can seem very overwhelming and expensive. What type of frame or lenses should you choose? How scratch resistant are they? Is it worth it to get antireflective coating or high index lens? Here are some tips for determing how to purchase the best pair of eye glasses for you at the best cost.

I Can See Clearly Now, My Money's Gone

Jennifer Beam

When it comes to corrective lenses, remember that just because it is a necessary purchase, it shouldn't be treated any differently than any other purchase. Here are some suggestions for making a smart, informed consumer purchase when it comes to eyeglasses and contact lenses that will help ease the financial burden of seeing clearly.

5 Ways to Save on Eye Care


Here are five tips to help you save on the cost of eye care.

Buy Your Next Pair of Glasses Online

Adam Zekmueller

Purchasing glasses online can seem daunting at first. However, if you know your prescription and have your existing glasses handy, it is really quite simple to purchase glasses online. Here's how to place an online order for your correct fit and prescription.

Seeing Clearly through Online Contact Lens Tactics

courtesy of

Each year, millions of American consumers fill their contact lens prescriptions through online retailers. Consumers rightly believe that they are receiving the same product, for a lower price and with less effort. But how do you know which site to buy from when they all claim to have the lowest price and best service? Here are some tips to help you decide.

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