Ways to save on beer, wine and other spirits

Beverages: Easy Ways to Save on Spirits

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5 Ways to Save on Craft-Brewed Beer

Gregg Smith

With a little effort and resourcefulness on your part, you can sample unique and tasty brews and still save your hard-earned dollars. The following five tips will let you have your craft-brewed beer and drink it, too!

How to Determine Grocery Store Wine Quality

David Moore

Choosing a high-quality wine in a restaurant is easy when you have someone offering recommendations, and you pick the one that most closely fits your preferences. When you're staring down a long row of wine bottles at the grocery store, however, it's a different story. While you can't always judge a wine by its bottle, there are some things you can look at while it's still on the shelf.

How to Get Good Deals on Wine

Eric Mohrman

If you don't particularly care whether your dinner guests ever come back, or if you've lost your taste buds in some unfortunate mishap, there are wines sold in bottles as big as your head for $4. For everyone else, there are thrifty ways to get good deals on pleasantly palatable products.

The Frugal Wine Lover

Janey Womeldorf

On special occasions, after a long day, or to complement a delicious meal, nothing beats the indulgent feel of a glass of wine. With these creative tips, you can pour a nice glass and drink it for less.

Buying Scotch without Putting Your Budget on the Rocks


If you are a Scotch enthusist, or would like to become one, these tips can help you drink better without spending more.

How to Get Good Deals on Wine

Eric Mohrman

For some wine is a luxury whereas others consider it a necessity. Whether you sip it nightly or only uncork for a special occasion, wine noticeably raises the tab for groceries. Prices are going up, too, especially for domestic bottles. Here are a few ways to keep wine costs down no matter which varietals and vintages you favor.

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Brew Beer and Save a Frothy Mug


Does a tight budget have you considering a lifestyle of a teetotaler? A cold pint of beer is arguably an unnecessary expense, but one of life's simple indulgences. And making your own beer at home can be a decidedly frugal hobby, especially for the high-end beer drinker favoring craft microbrews like porters and stouts.

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