Don't let coffee costs bust your budget

Beverages: Cutting Coffee Costs

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Ways to Save on K-Cups

TDS Reader Contributors

Reduce the price of your favorite coffee.

10 Things You Can Do With Leftover Coffee That Saves You Money

Laura Foor

You could pour it down the drain or...

Choosing a Coffeemaker

TDS Reader Contributors

Can your coffeemaker make a difference in the taste of your coffee? Readers share their best coffee-making tips as well as the type of machine they use to make their best brew.

5 Ways to Save on Home-Brewed Coffee


Even if stay aware from the expensive coffee shop drinks and you brew your own coffee at home, coffee isn't cheap. So how can you further cut the costs of coffee? Here are five ideas to save money.

How to Ruin Coffee

Rich Finzer

If there's anything the average American will stand in line for, it's a decent cup of coffee and we'll often pay top dollar for it. So when it comes to home-brewing coffee, why do we often ruin it before we have the chance to drink it? If you enjoy the robust taste of a cup of Joe, here are a few things to keep in mind so you do not ruin your coffee in one of these four ways.

Water Filters vs. Filtered Water

Rich Finzer

Some coffeemakers come with a built in filter and most do a great job making your coffee taste better. But are those filters worth the cost?

Beat the High Cost of Coffee Shops

Jeff Guthrie

If you're addicted to the great coffee made at the local coffee shop, here are three ways to save some of your hard-earned money whether you chose to frequent the coffee shop or make your own home brew.

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My Story: Instant Coffee

contributed by Diva M.

Many coffee connoisseurs turn their noses up at the very mention of humble instant coffee. See why even a die-hard coffee snob wants to keep some instant coffee in the pantry.

Calling All Coffee Lovers

TDS Reader Solutions

What are the tricks to make the very best coffee at home? What do they do at the coffee shops that make it so good? Check out these secrets of making really good coffee at home.

Make Your Own Flavored Coffee Creamers in Minutes

Kaylin White

See how easy it is to make your own flavored coffee creamers, save money, and still have that fabulous pampered flavor in an economical homemade creamer which takes less than five minutes to throw together!

Creative Stretching in the Kitchen: Beverages

Donna Miller

Coffee can be the hardest on your beverage budget if you go to the gourmat coffee shop too often. These tips can help you enjoy that cup of joe while also enjoying the cost.

Save Money By Roasting Coffee at Home

H.E. James

How to Beat the High Cost of Coffee with a Coffee Press

Joy Pincus

Thrifty Flavored Coffee Recipes and Creamers

TDS Reader Solutions

Great Flavored Coffee Recipes

TDS Reader Solutions

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