Ways to keep your family from drinking up your grocery budget

Beverage Savings

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How to Save on Beverages

Pam Hutzler

If you find that you're spending a significant amount of your grocery dollars on beverages, you are in luck! Here's a look at some common beverage choices and what you can do to whittle away at their costs.

Reducing the Cost of Beverages

Tamara Wilhite

Does your grocery bill seem high? Even when you subtract the paper goods and other non-food items? You might have a drinking problem! Determine how much of your grocery budget goes for soda, beer, juice, coffee and bottled water. Is it more than 20%? Try these ways to get the cost of beverages and your grocery budget under control.

Beverage Savings

Chantal King

Do your kids complain when there is nothing more than water at home to drink? It is easy for a family, and kids especially to get used to having drinks such as Gatorade and Hawaiian Punch on hand. They enjoy the drinks but you don't enjoy the price. Take action and lower your "drinking" costs. Here are several ways to reduce it, without sacrificing taste.

Creative Stretching in the Kitchen: Beverages

Donna Miller

Water is one of the most reasonable beverages for a tight budget. With a little creativity and stretching, you can add variety to water without overspending. Here are some of the things that you can use to keep the cost of beverages low and the variety selection high.

Mix Your Own Beverages

Miss Maggie

A big step for saving money on beverages? Mix them up yourself. Most beverages can be mixed or brewed up at home, in your own kitchen, with a pitcher or blender, a big spoon, a bag of sugar, and a packet or jar of flavoring. This is true of milk, juice, coffee, tea, fruit-flavored drinks, milk shakes, slushies, smoothies, and a lot of other drinks too. See how easy it can be to mix your own!

Cutting the Cost of Beverages

Miss Maggie

Beverages are one of the easiest places to save money on your food bill. Here is an easy system that can help you reduce the cost of beverages in your household by figuring out which are your family favorites and which your family can do without.

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Real Milk Savings

contributed by Babette

Here's a surefire way to save mega bucks on milk. It might take a your family a bit of time to transition, but once they do, they will not miss the more expensive milk to which they were accustomed.

Finding Good, Inexpensive Bottled Water

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