Don't let the need for an increase in nutrition or energy increase your beverage budget

everages: Saving on Nutrition & Energy Drinks

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Homemade Weight Loss Shakes

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Meal replacement shakes can help shrink your waistline while often expanding your budget. Here are some tips for saving money on meal replacement drinks and shakes.

Homemade Energy Drinks

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You might find that energy drinks are beneficial to getting you through that mid-afternoon slump but they certainly are not beneficial to your budget. Try these affordable suggestions for energy drink alternatives.

Energy Drink Alternatives

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Is there a homemade energy drink version that costs less than Red Bull or 5-hour Energy®? Or at least a cheaper, equally efficient brand or substitute?

Affordable Homemade Nutrition Drinks

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Many of the premade nutritional drinks are just a base drink (milkshake, fruit shake, etc.) mixed with protein powder. So there are a few ways to make your own version of these replacements more frugally than those bottled drinks.

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Ensure Substitutes

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If a doctor has recommended you take a supplemental nutrition drink such as Ensure, you can be sure such beverages can be tough on the wallet. Here are some great recipes and alternatives that could save you quite a bit of cash.

Homemade Diet Drinks

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Meal replacement drinks can be great for those on-the-go but typically cost more than an actual meal. Use these tips and recipes for taking advantage of this quick meal-in-a-can without increasing your food budget.

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