Save both time and money in the kitchen with these slow cooker cooking tips

Slow Cooker Savings

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Which Slow Cooker Features Do You Use?

TDS Reader Solutions

Buying the right Crockpot® for your needs.

Best Cuts for Crock Cooker Meals

Leanne Ely

If you are new to slow cooking, take a look at how easy it is and how beneficial it can be to a busy schedule.

Slow Cooker Safety

contributed by Debbie F.

Don't let the convenience of your slow cooker become a safety hazard. Here are some guidelines for slow cooker safety.

Crockpot® Cooking

Susanne Myers

Enjoy flavorful home-cooked meals for pennies.

Slow Cooker Liners

TDS Reader Solutions

Is there a frugal way to replace those expensive slow cooker?

Slow-Cook Once for Multiple Healthy Meals

Monica Resinger

Serve healthier meals with less hassle.

Dried Out Slow Cooker Meals

TDS Reader Solutions

Use these tips to keep meats from drying out in your slow cooker.

The Benefits of Slow Cooker Cooking

Monica Resinger

A lot of us have a very efficient and time saving appliance sitting high on a kitchen shelf collecting dust. What is it? It's the slow cooker! If you are new to slow cooking, take a look at how easy it is and how beneficial it can be to a busy schedule.

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Choosing a Crockpot®

Rebecca Underwood

There are some things you should know before buying a Crockpot®. It is an absolutely wonderful tool in any frugal kitchen, as long as they're purchased wisely. The brand isn't necessarily important, but these considerations are important when choosing a crockpot®.

Converting Slow Cooker Recipes

Chet's Crock

Here are the conversions for regular ovens to slow cookers as well as temputaures for low and high settings on your slow cooker.

Staying Frugal and Fit With Slow Cooker Cooking

Maria Post Rublee

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