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The Great American Supper Swap

Trish Berg

How great would it be if three days a week, a hot delicious meal was delivered to your door instead of you spending yet another evening in your kitchen preparing dinner? Take a look at how supper swapping can save you time in the kitchen and even save you some money.

Dinner Exchange

contributed by Amy

If once-a-month cooking techniques are not an option for you to spend less time in the kitchen, why not consider starting your own dinner exchange? Sure you'll be doing some bulk cooking buy preparing a few meals in bulk is far easier than cooking smaller meals several times a week. Here are some great tips if you would like to start your own dinner exchnage.

Co-Op Cooking: A New Saving Strategy

Dee Sarton Bower

A cooking co-op is a group of people who cook meals for one another on a rotating basis. One day a week you simply fix enough dinner for everyone in your co-op. The other days you rest and meals are delivered to you. Take a look at these 10 benefits of co-op cooking to determine if co-op cooking is right for your family, and then use the handy checklist to get started forming your own cooking co-op.

Freezer-Meal Potluck

Deborah Taylor-Hough

If you know a group of people experienced or interested in freezer-meal cooking, you can arrange for a group meal exchange or a freezer potluck where everyone prepares their meals at their own homes separately and then brings the pre-frozen meals to a meeting to exchange them. See if it something that might be benefitical for you and your family!

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