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Garage & Estate Sales: Buying

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Video: Yard Sale Shopping Tips

Jeff Yeager

A great yard sale is a bargain bonanza, an auction, and a treasure hunt in one. The Ultimate Cheapskate teaches us how to be a great yard sale shopper and get the very best deals for the biggest savings!

Why Would I Go to an Estate Sale?

Marilyn Michaels

You don't need to be a collector to enjoy an estate sale.

8 Items to Buy at Yard Sales This Summer


It can take some patience to sort through the mismatched kitchen utensils and sweat-stained t-shirts to find the real gems. Here's a look at what to buy and what to avoid at yard sales this summer.

Garage Sales: Finding Hidden Treasures

Olivia Fox

It takes four seconds for yard sale veterans to scan displays from their car and decide to pull over. Great yard sales are a combination of thrill of the chase, frugal living, and mini classroom. I've been on both sides of the table. These tidbits help even newbies zero in on the winners.

Garage Sale Hunts on the Internet

contributed by Amy

A few years ago, I took up "garage sale-ing" to buy wants, needs, and even gifts for dimes on the dollar. It's amazing how much unused, "still in the shrink wrap" stuff you can find. Here's my method for hitting the most garage sales in the least time. It takes a little bit of preparation, but it's well worth it the next morning.

Why Would I Go to an Estate Sale?

Marilyn Michaels

See if these reasons make you want to go to that next estate sale!

Happy Yarding

Laura Del Prete-Conde

Making yard sales work for you.

Gifts for Free


With the price of gas and groceries taking a larger portion of the budget, it pays to think of clever ways to purchase gifts for birthdays, weddings, and Christmas. With a little bit of time and effort, you can get new things for free.

You Can Win at an Auction

contributed by CNB

We had long been devotees of thrift stores for clothing and other household articles. But we had moved and they were few and far between and seldom had what we needed in the quantities we needed for our blended family of five. That was when I discovered auctions.

Decorating with Yard Sale Finds

Kathy Wilson

At certain times of year, yard sales abound just about everywhere, and everyone is looking to get a good deal on items for your home. But what should you do with your finds after the purchase? Here are some great ideas for turning low cost yard sale or flea market finds into great decorating opportunities.

Cha-Ching! Successful Yard Sale Shopping

Nancy Twigg

Yard sale season is now in full swing. For those of you who truly want to save money on your family's expenses, yard sale shopping is a great way to find clothes, toys, and household items for pennies on the dollar. Here are some tips for making your yard sale shopping trip as fun and profitable as possible.

10 Garage Sale Shortcuts

Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper

There are two kinds of garage sales. There are the ones where people want to make money and the ones where people want to get rid of stuff. The object is to find the ones where people want to get rid of stuff.

Why I Buy Estate Sale Furniture

contributed by Debbie

There is a super cheap place to get good, sturdy nice furniture, and it's at estate sales.

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Disinfect that Yard Sale Find

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Yard Sale Christmas Shopping

Jennifer A. Krausz

Yard Sale Etiquette

Nancy Twigg

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