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7 Tips for Hosting a Yard Sale


Got some unwanted stuff that you want to get rid of? Here are seven tips to help you save money by hosting a great garage sale or yard sale this summer.

Garage Sales 101

Sherry B. Hanson

Some people do the same things with their sales over and over and wonder why their sales are a flop. Here are some suggestions from "experts" like you, other busy people who have put their ideas to work and brought off some great sales.

Having a Successful Garage Sale

Jill Fitzpatrick

Use these 5 tips to make the most of your time and effort.

Yard Sale Presentation

Chris Stevenson

Most yard sales are thrown together at the last minute. Items are packed in boxes, strewn on the ground, and disorganized. There is nothing more discouraging or inconvenient to the potential buyer than having to bend down to sift through mountains of clothes or rummage through boxes that hold unrelated items.

Pricing Garage Sale Items

contributed by Valerie

Pricing is one of many factors that can affect the outcome of a garage sale, so it's good to give it some thought ahead of time. Many factors affect price, including season, region, condition, age, current retail price, and competition.

How to Have a Blow Out Yard Sale

Katherine E. Tapley

Yard sales pop up in the spring and summer like mushrooms, but there is a knack to having a successful one. The reasons you may want to have a yard sale are numerous. Despite the hard work involved, it is a chance to have fun, meet neighbors, make money, lose money, get skunked, recycle, and clean out the clutter that has been accumulating.

How to Price Garage Sale Items

TDS Reader Solutions

When it comes to holding a garage sale, one of the most difficult areas is pricing your items so they'll sell but you'll still end up with a nice little sum of money. Our readers share their tips and tricks to pricing garage sale items.

Selling Used Goods

Gary Foreman

We have furniture from a five-bedroom home in storage. Eleven pallets have been there for four years. We would like to take it out of storage, look over what we have, take out the stuff that we do not want to sell, and have someone take care of selling the rest of it for us. What would be the best plan of attack for this?

My Story: A Successful Garage Sale

contributed by Rhonda

She's an avid bargain hunter and loves to hit yard sales early Saturday mornings. Sometimes she ends up with more stuff than she need. That's when she has a yard sale. Here are a few of her yard sale tips

Big Money Garage Sales

Cathy Pedigo

Garage sales can be a fantastic supplemental income for you. Consider theses successful methods and selling strategies for a big money garage sale

Profitable Yard Sales 101

Peter Biedlingmaier

If you've made the decision to profit from your collection of "stuff," then do it right. Get the most return by treating a yard sale as a business enterprise. Do your homework, make a plan, and then follow through.

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Garage Sale Scams

Christina Heiska

Garage Sale Scams

contributed by Mickie

Garage Sale Problems

Christina Heiska

Turn Cast-Offs Into Cash

Shaunna Privratsky

Garage Sale Guru

Shaunna Privratsky

Disposing of Estate Property

TDS Readers' Solutions

The Kid's Garage Sale

Nellie the Nag

Pricing Used Items

TDS Readers' Solutions

Garage Sale Success

Kim Danger

My Junk, Your Treasure

Gary Foreman

Yard Sale Safety

Teresa Higginbotham

Yard Sale Etiquette

Nancy Twigg

15 Tips to a Successful Yardsale

Christina Heiska

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