Project ideas to help teach your kids about gardening and nature

Gardening: Projects for Children

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How to Make Garden Stones

Becky Yeager

Imagine a yard where giant toads of every color beckon you into the children's play area. Well, imagine no further! Grab your trowel and a bag of concrete and start mixing. It's time to make garden stones. It's fun. It's easy. And it's affordable.

Gardening With Kids Project

Brenda Hyde

Children love to grow things, but sometimes they need encouragement and instruction to get them interested. Having children decorate their own flower pot and helping them plant Calendula is a great way to begin a gardening journey that often last their entire lifetime.

Using Gardening to Teach Our Children About Nature

Don Trotter

Children deserve to know as much as we can teach them about how nature works. The obvious classroom for this is the garden. Join us as we discuss some of the ways we can increase awareness of the natural world for our kids.

Children and Vegetable Gardening

Don Trotter

Here are some fun ways to make the garden a happy family project as well as an incredible instrument for teaching your kids the amazing ways that nature works. So let's take a walk in the garden and bring the kids along.

It's tough raising kids today!
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