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Cheaper Ways to Set Up a Worm Farm

Sandy Lim

Here are some economical ways to get started setting up a worm farm without compromising on the quality or efficiency once it's underway.

Organic Weed Control Guide

Monica Resinger

Weeds can spoil the look of a flowerbed, take important nutrients from the soil, and be a nuisance. And, it's important to keep up with them or they'll be even more troublesome. While they can be difficult to get under control, don't lose hope, it just takes a little persistence and know-how.

Before You Compost

Dalit Holzman

Recycling should begin at home. The less we burden the system, the less we burden the budget, the less we burden the planet. Here are some ways to reuse organic produced in and around our home. Rather than throwing everything into the compost heap, certain items can be reserved for slightly brighter futures!

The Organic Gardener's Toolkit

Arzeena Hamir

We are now realizing that many of the chemicals that we thought were "safe" may not be as safe as we thought. For anyone contemplating the switch to organic gardening, here are a few ingredients that should be in every gardener's toolkit.

Why Garden Naturally?

Don Trotter

There are many reasons to garden without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Some reasons may seem trite, but are no less valid than many of the thoughtful motivations for tending to our gardens naturally.

Natural Foods for Lawns

Don Trotter

There are many things that natural lawn foods do for the soil and many other significant contributions they provide for the overall vigor of the lawn ecosystem.

Natural Healthcare for Houseplants

Don Trotter

Houseplants are probably the one type of plant that we will all get a chance to care for at some time in our life. Here are some natural ways to care for the indoor garden.

Feeding Roses

Don Trotter

Here's what you need to know about rose nutrition and feeding roses naturally. So let's take a walk out to those roses once again and get ready to feed them with health foods!

Natural Disease Control for Your Plants

Don Trotter

Gardeners can reduce and eliminate plant diseases by building up the quality of the garden soil. This may sound a little silly, but it is the way nature keeps disease pathogens at bay.

Controlling Lawn Grubs Organically

Arzeena Hamir

Beetle grubs can turn a nice lawn into a patchwork quilt of yellow spots. Before you reach for the insecticide bottle, there are several organic alternatives that will help you cope with the grubs without poisoning yourself or your family.

Simple Composting How-To

TDS Reader Solutions

Balance in the Garden: Natural Pest Control

David Soper

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