Don't let garden pests gobble up your food savings

Frugal Gardening: Pest Control

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8 Easy Ways to Combat Garden Pests

Jessica Dysart

Keep pesky insects and animals away from your home garden with these natural and easy methods.

Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers share their tips and tricks to keeping cats out of a garden.

Preventing Snail Garden Damage

Reader Contributors

Are snails taking over your garden? Our readers share their tips and tricks on how to keep snails from eating every leaf in a garden.

Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Garden

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers share their tips and tricks for preventing squirrels from destroying your garden.

No More Grasshoppers!

TDS Reader Contributors

"I need to find a safe way to eliminate the grasshoppers from eating ALL the leaves off the plants in my garden. They leave nothing but the stalk. I don't want to affect the bees and other "good" insects."

Bad Hare Day

TDS Reader Solutions

"Does anyone know of an effective non-toxic rabbit repellent? I've been unable to find anything organic that works."

Vegetable Garden Pest Control

Don Trotter

There are natural pest control methods for the vegetable garden that will also work on the rest of the plants. So let's take a stroll out to the garden together and figure things out together.

The Slug Patrol

Arzeena Hamir

Nature's recyclers, thieves, and pests, whatever you call them, slugs are a constant presence in a lot of gardens. Stop sacrificing tender beans or baby lettuce greens to these voracious eaters. Here some tools with which to tackle those slimy suckers.

Pest and Disease Control for Roses

Don Trotter

Roses can be very easy to tend to if they are cared for with a light hand during the growing season. The fewer things that a gardener does to shock a natural balance of things the fewer problems will arise as a result of that shock.

Safe and Natural Pest Control

Don Trotter

There are ways to control the unwanted visitors that often plague the plants of a garden. These materials are easy to use and considerably less toxic to you and the environment.

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5 Key Steps to Plant Protection

David Soper

Balance in the Garden: Natural Pest Control

David Soper

Cat-Proofing Your Garden

TDS Reader Solutions

Doggone It! Keeping Dogs Out of Flower Beds

TDS Reader Solutions

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