A great frugal garden begins with frugal planning

Planning Your Frugal Garden

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It's Spring! Have You Started Your Garden Yet?

Laura Foor

Have you started prepping for your backyard garden yet? These tips will get you started.

Planning Your Summer Garden

Veronica Bowman

Whether you're a long-time gardener or a soon-to-be first time gardener, planning ahead is a vital part of a successfully productive garden.

Creating a Dream Garden on $100 Per Year Part 1

Melissa J. Will

What are the secrets to a low-cost dream garden? It takes creativity, a willingness to work hard and adapt, and time. A low budget isn't going to cover big structural changes, but you can create a sustainable food and flower garden that will have your neighbors knocking on your gate to see more.

Creating a Dream Garden on $100 Per Year Part 2

Melissa J. Will

After reading the first 8 tips in the above article, find your frugal garden dream with these additional 7 tips and tricks. Then get your dream garden groove on.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Johnny Gunn

It's time to start your garden preparation. This short list can make spring and summer that much more productive in your garden and, of course, your pantry.

Using a Journal for Your Garden Planning

Monica Resinger

This is the time of year when the garden catalogs come pouring in and we start dreaming up our gardens for the current year. A little planning will help you get what you want out of your garden and save you some time and money. A garden journal can be a very valuable tool when planning your garden.

Ready for Spring Gardening?

Tina Shake

It's official. The robins are playing tug a war with the worms, and little bunnies are hopping down their bunny trails. It's officially time to begin garden planning.

The Growth of Gardening

Shaunna Privratsky

More and more people are rediscovering the joy of gardening and watching plants and flowers grow. There is something centering about digging your hands into the rich soil and placing a tiny kernel beneath. It speaks of faith, hope, and commitment in our throwaway society.

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