Make sure your garden survives the winter in good shape

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

The TDS Library

Post Garden and Yard Penny-Wise Round Up

Christine Cristiano

With the arrival of autumn, comes the annual vegetable harvest and yard clean up ritual. Amidst your clean up efforts, it's possible to reduce your present and future garden and yard expenses.

Cool Season Container Gardening

Don Trotter

Here are some fun ways to extend your gardening addiction through the winter by gardening in containers. So let's don our cool weather gear and take a trip out to the potting shed.

Fall Tilling

Jackie Carroll

Fall is a good time to till your garden soil. This will reduce erosion, expose heavy soils to frost, kill exposed insects, aid the decay of organic matter, and enable earlier planting.

Fall Care for Your Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Here are many of the ways to care for deciduous fruit trees to ensure a bountiful harvest of sweet and nutritious food from our trees.

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