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Frugal Gardening: Roses

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Keeping Your Roses Spring Fresh

Don Trotter

Discover how simple it is to maintain roses in an actively growing state throughout the summer months. Here's a look at how we can keep the queen of the garden spring fresh without any chemical hygiene sprays.

Easy Rose Care

Don Trotter

Here are a few easy things you can do to ensure that your roses are the envy of the entire neighborhood and guarantee lots of happy flowers for cutting and displaying in the house.

Great Roses Need Great Soil

Don Trotter

Don't miss these great ways to improve the overall health of your rose gardens by improving the quality of the soil.

Feeding Roses

Don Trotter

Here's what you need to know about rose nutrition and feeding your roses naturally. So let's take a walk out to those roses once again and get ready to feed them with health foods!

Pest and Disease Control for Roses

Don Trotter

It is widely known that roses can be a real pain if they want to be or are in any way not attended to. The truth of the matter is that roses can be very easy to tend to if they are cared for with a light hand during the growing season. The fewer things that a gardener does to shock a natural balance of things the fewer problems will arise as a result of that shock.

Rose Pruning Tips

Don Trotter

Here are some pruning techniques used by most rose growers and the types of roses that usually receive pruning of this kind. So grab your pruning shears and let's take a look at those roses.

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