How to get seeds cheaply and start them inexpensively

Frugal Gardening: Seeds & Starters

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Frugal Seed Starters

Nannette Richford

There's no need to dig into your savings to buy a host of new garden supplies. Mini-greenhouses, seed starting trays, and other fancy products may be tempting, but frugal gardeners know that spending money on these products isn't necessary. With a little effort, you can create your own supplies at a fraction of the cost.

How to Start and Grow Plants from Seedlings

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers share their tips and tricks on how to start and grow plants from seedlings for apartment dwelling gardners.

Start Your Garden for (Almost) Nothing

Pat Veretto

Whether you have a coffee can full of compost or acres of farmland, you can grow some of your own food for much less than you'd pay for it. In some instances, you can for free. Get a few plants, a little water and some gardening wisdom, and you can frugally grow everything from potatoes and carrots to artichokes and asparagus.

Ready for Spring Gardening?

Tina Shake

It's official. The robins are playing tug a war with the worms, and little bunnies are hopping down their bunny trails. It's officially time to begin garden planning.

Garden Starters

TDS Reader Solutions

With money being extremely tight, she's looking for ways to frugally start seeds for her garden. Our readers share their smart ways to recycle containers for greenhouses.

Homemade Rooting Compound

Pearl Sanborn

Although store bought rooting compound doesn't seem expensive, you may not know that it can be toxic due to the fungicide included to protect plant cuttings from disease. Here's a recipe for homemade rooting compound to try.

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