Frugal tips for keeping your garden soil healthy

Frugal Gardening: Soil

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Natural Soil Test

Pat Veretto

It's easy to test soil acidity without the pricey kits sold for that. You'll need a couple of glass jars, a tablespoon, some vinegar and some baking soda. Here's how to do it.

Fall Tilling

Jackie Carroll

Fall is a good time to till your garden soil, especially if there is sod to be turned under. This will reduce erosion, expose heavy soils to frost, kill exposed insects, aid the decay of organic matter, and enable earlier planting.

Trace Minerals for Healthier Plants and Soils

Don Trotter

Let's stroll over to a periodic table of the elements for some further learning on the subject of plant and soil nutrition.

Minerals for Healthier Gardens Part One

Don Trotter

Plants require phosphorus, potassium, and calcium for sustained health and happiness. Knowing this is important to the vigor of your garden

Minerals for Healthier Gardens Part Two

Don Trotter

Let's take a walk in the garden and look at our soils and our plants to check if our gardens need a boost in magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Plants and Essential Minerals

Don Trotter

Don't miss this fun and informative information. Your plants will be healthier and better prepared to fight off disease and pests because of it.

Calcium: The Soul of Soil and Plant Health

Don Trotter

Referred to as a secondary nutrient behind nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, calcium is finally starting to take its place in the ranks of important plant nutrients.

Great Roses Need Great Soil

Don Trotter

Here we will focus on the soil our roses are growing in and some of the ways that we can improve the overall health of our rose gardens by improving the quality of our soil.

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