How to keep your garden watered inexpensively

Water Savings in the Frugal Garden

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Self-Watering Solutions for a Vertical Garden

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Is there a way to set up a self-watering system for a vertical garden? Our readers share their best ideas.

Reduce Your Water Bill with Rain Barrels

Shaunna Privratsky

You planted a garden, hoping to put a dent in your food bill and put more natural and delicious food on your table. That is, until you open your water bill and cringe at the total. Before you throw in the garden towel, consider setting up some rain barrels.

Recycling Water for Reuse in Your Garden

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Let's face it... Water is expensive! Some may be faced with the choice to recycle water or give up gardening altogether. Our readers share their tips and tricks for finding affordable water for a garden.

Recycling Gray Water

TDS Reader Solutions

Like the idea of recycling more of your "gray" water? Our readers share their tips on how to recycle and use gray water.

Saving Water in the Garden

Don Trotter

If there is one thing that confounds gardeners during the warm season, it has to be how thirsty a garden can get and how much water costs these days. Here are some easy-to-follow water saving practices that will make your gardening much more rewarding at the time of the month when the bills come.

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