Inexpensive ways to keep weeds and disease out of your garden

Weed & Disease Control in the Frugal Garden

The TDS Library

Organic Weed Control Guide

Monica Resinger

While they can be difficult to get under control, don't lose hope, it just takes a little persistence and know-how. Here are some organic methods for controlling weeds.

Natural Disease Control for Your Plants

Don Trotter

You can reduce and eliminate plant diseases by building up the quality of garden soil. Here's how.

Natural Weed Killers

TDS Reader Solutions

Are there inexpensive ways to zap weeds that seem to overtake gravel driveways every year? Our readers share their smart tips and tricks.

Removing Weeds and Grasses Inexpensively

TDS Reader Solutions

Weeds and grass are taking over an area of her yard and she's looking for ways to get rid of them without buying expensive weed killers. Our readers share their tips and tricks.

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