Tips for cutting those heating bills this winter

Frugal Ways to Lower Your Home Heating Costs

The TDS Library

Winter Energy Saving Ideas for Renters

Veronica Bowman

You don't need to own your home to save on energy.

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Benjamin Roussey

You can lower your heating and cooling bills!

9 Ways to Cut Costs on Heating and Cooling Your Home

Chris Long

Reduce the cost of a comfortable home.

10 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Shelly Duell

Reduce the amount you spend for heat this winter.

How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

April Borbon

Try these 12 frugal tips for a warm home.

Saving on Your Heating Bill

Justin Ripley

You don't have much choice. You must heat your home.

Lowering Your Natural Gas Bill

Renea Winchester

One phone call could reduce your winter heating bill.

Heat Loss

Johanne Leveille

Keep the heat indoors.

Corn Stove Complaint

contributed by Diane

A reader shares negatives to corn stove ownership that you may not have heard.

How to Reduce Heating Bills

TDS Reader Contributors

Readers share their best tips for lowering the cost of heating your home.

Simple Cheap Heat

Shirley Fetherolf

Here's an energy-saving secret that every homebuyer should know.

Home Insulation

TDS Reader Contributors

Make the most of your heating dollar.

Utility Savings

contributed by Sheila

A single mom attacks her heating bill.

Closing Vents

TDS Reader Contributors

And other ways to reduce the cost of heating.

Air Pockets Reduce Heating Bills

Gary Foreman

Find out how air can provide inexpensive insulation.

Roofs and Heat Loss

The Natural Handyman

Will a new roof make a difference?

Reduce Your Electric and Heating Bill

Brian Chow

Here are 8 ways to lower your monthly bill.

Winter Warmth

TDS Reader Contributors

Try these creative ways to stay warm without turning up the thermostat.


Judith Selig

Find out how a single woman keeps a 100 year-old farmhouse warm .

Let Your Forced Air Furnace Do Its Work

Warren Cook

Practices to save energy can often reduce comfort when it comes to forced air furnaces. Here is how to find a balance of thrifty operation and personal comfort.

Home Heating

Gary Foreman

Does lowering the thermostat at night save energy?

Save $100 This Winter

Gary Foreman

Find out how proper insulation can provide year round energy savings.

Heat Pumps and Setback Thermostats

Gary Foreman

Can these devices help lower my heating bill?

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