A fireplace can be a cheap source of heat if you keep costs in check

Frugal Fireplace and Firewood Home Heating Tips

The TDS Library

3 Things You Need to Know About Free Firewood

contributed by Donna

How one family gets the most heat from our fireplace.

Wood Heat for your Home

Debra Karplus

Understanding wood and pellet heaters

Free Firewood

Debra L. Karplus

5 places to find free firewood for your fireplace or woodstove.

Free Fireplace Logs

Connie Vigil Platt

A heat-producing fire could cost you nothing!

Fire Starters

TDS Reader Contributors

Simple homemade fire starters.

Fireplace Safety Tips

courtesy of NAPSA

Keeping that warm glow safe for your family.

Firewood Facts

Rich Finzer

What you need to know when buying firewood.

Frugal Fireplace and Firewood Home Heating Tips
Homemade Fireplace Logs

TDS Reader Contributors

Could you recycle your old newspapers into needed heat this winter?

Burn Corn to Heat Your Home

Pat Veretto

Should you consider burning corn for heat?

Burning Wood

Pat Veretto

Wood heating is no longer a social statement, it's a practical solution

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