Ditch the dryer for air-drying to save on electricity costs and extend the life of your clothing

Laundry: Air-Drying

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Experts Guide to Line Drying Clothes

contributed by Darcy S.

She's been hanging clothes outside and in the house for about 30 years and seldom uses the dryer, saving at least $10 per month if not more. It's easy to do the math on that! Here are her tried-and-true methods.

Air Drying Clothes without a Clothesline

Jill Cooper

The two reasons most people don't line dry their clothes are that they think it is inconvenient or they're just not sure how to do it. Here are some great tips to air dry clothes without a clothesline.

Clotheslines for the Frugal Soul

Pat Veretto

For those of you who understand the benefits of drying clothes on an outdoor line, whether for simple frugality or aesthetics, or a combination of both, you may be interested in putting up a traditional clothesline. Here's how.

Hanging the Laundry

Pat Veretto

At the risk of sounding like a commercial for Mother Nature. However, air-dried material not only lasts longer, but also the sun helps to remove stains from white clothes, and the ultraviolet rays kills bacteria and other dangerous growth, including most fungi. What's not to love?

Hanging Out

Loralee Leavitt

The warm sunlight beckons you outside, but you are stuck inside with a pile of laundry as high as your waist. No worries! Get outside in the sunshine. Why use electricity drying clothes inside when there was free solar power outside?

The Benefits of Line Drying Your Clothing

Amy Allen Clark

With a simple clothesline and some clothespins, you can save your family money and achieve the scent that every detergent company is trying to capture.

The Hang Factor

Lisa Raymond

One of the best recommendations for lowering your home energy bill is to hang clothes to dry instead of using your dryer. While this will save your family money each month, there may be a snag or two to iron out with family members while making the transition.

Try Crystal Wash. 1000 loads of laundry - no detergents, no dyes, no chemicals, no perfumes.

Too Stiff!

TDS Reader Solutions

When hanging laundry, what can be done about the stiffness of the clothes that are fresh off the line? Our readers share their tips and tricks for softer line-dried clothing.

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