Tips to save money on laundry detergents, softeners, wrinkle releasers and other laundry supplies

Laundry: Saving on Laundry Supplies

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Product Review: A Natural and Frugal Laundry Alternative

Paige Estigarribia

7 Green Ways to Save Money on Laundry


Video: Laundry for Less

The Cheap Life

Cheap Laundry Detergents: How Well Do They Work?

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Color Clothes & Cheaper Detergents

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Saving Money on Fabric Softener

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Saving in the Laundry Room

R. Kellogg

Shout® Color Catchers®

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Try Crystal Wash. 1000 loads of laundry - no detergents, no dyes, no chemicals, no perfumes.

Clorox® Bleach Pens®

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My Story: Laundry Discs

contributed by Benny

Cheaper HG Detergents

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Cheaper Laundry Detergents

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Save on Fabric Softeners

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