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Tree Care

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Reduce the Cost of Removing a Tree Stump

TDS Reader Solutions

TDS readers share their most effective frugal solutions.

Removing a Downed Tree

TDS Reader Solutions

Is there an inexpensive way of removing a downed tree? Our readers share their tips for getting tree that is down on the ground removed for a cheap price.

Potted Christmas Trees

Monica Resinger

Getting a live, potted Christmas tree may be a great idea, especially if it can be used it as a Christmas tree for a few years (as long as it stays alive). Then when it grows too big to be a Christmas tree, it could either planted it in a yard, in a community, or in a forest. But how do you keep it alive?

It Has to Go! Inexpensive Tree Removal

TDS Reader Solutions

Do you have a tree that has to go, but the cost of removing it is prohibitive? Our readers share their frugal DIY tree removal tips.

Killing Stubborn Stumps

TDS Reader Solutions

If you recently cut down a tree in your yard, you have several options for getting rid of the unsightly stump, including the stubborn ones. Our readers share their tips and tricks for getting rid of a stump that keeps trying to grow back.

Might Your Tree Crack?

David Soper

Winter can be hard on plants. Younger trees or those with smooth barks may be subject to frost cracks. Here's what to look for and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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