Natural treatments for common health ailments

Natural Health Remedies

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Homemade Natural Heartburn Remedies

TDS Reader Solutions

Looking to save some money and try a natural alternative to Prilosec? TDS readers share their frugal, natural, homemade heartburn remedies.

Natural Cough Relief

TDS Reader Solutions

Looking for a natural alternative to Nyquil®? TDS readers share their remedies for natural cough relief.

Baking Soda: The Cheapskate Champion

Jeff Yeager

The Ultimate Cheapskate shares that many ways that baking soda is the ultimate product for those living the cheap life. Besides using it as a cleaner to dominate smells, stains, gunk and grime, find out how to use this cheap champion as a tooth whitener and breath freshener, deodorant, shampoo additive and cure for heartburn. He even gives a great tip for reviving old baking soda!

3 Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Lars Sorenson

There are lots of reasons why anyone might suddenly find themselves with a case of the jitters. Here are some herbal remedies that act as a mild sedative and are gentle, inexpensive, and over-the-counter methods of bringing anxious feelings under control.

Natural Chest Congestion Remedies

TDS Reader Solutions

TDS readers share their tips for natural congestion remedies to clear your lungs the natural way.

Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

Katherine Huether

When it comes to cold remedies, natural is almost always best. There are some simple natural home remedies you can make using ingredients that are probably already in your refrigerators or pantries, such as lemons, honey, cayenne pepper, garlic, and cinnamon.

Health or Hype?

W. R. Shaw

With all the talk about alternative medicine and nutritional supplements promising to keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier, how can you separate the real information from the hype? Learn to recognize what students of logic call "logical fallacies" and you won't be fooled by the hucksters.

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Natural Health Remedies

Victoria Purdie

It's amazing how many every day products there are in our homes that can help with a range of health problems. Check out this list of natural health remedies and see what you can find to do the trick. Not only will you save money, but you might find that the natural solution is the best.

Don't Feel the Burn, Heal the Burn!

Renee Futrelle

The warmth of the sun is a welcome respite after a long cold winter. However, prolonged basking in the sunshine can lead to sunburn; and whether obtained through work or play, sunburn hurts just the same. The key to any burn remedy is the cooling effect, and any of these applications should be cool to the touch, yet never ice-cold.

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